Look at this nice GSX R 600..... Owned by Steve and Tuned by Bob Farnham . This edited article appeared in a 1999 edition of Superbike magazine...one of many that we have featured in

Except (of course) it isn't a 600 anymore, but a full-bore 750 and all the trimmings that come with that. The work was carried out by Bob Farnham in Kent who knows a thing or two about tuning the bollocks off GSX Rs although this one isnt in a high state of tune.

 Its justjust... bigger.

 The trick lies in the GSX-R750WT crank, barrel and pistons. These, according to Bob, go "pretty much straight on and I can do the main job of work in a couple of days. This bike was the first one I'd done so the most tricky business was finding out exactly what was involved.

 Fortunately things like the crank journals (where the crankshaft fits into the cases) are exactly the same on the . 600 and 750, so that makes life a bit easier. The head is the standard 600 item but I flowed it a bit, which is why you get such a massive midrange hike because it's still using the 36mm carbs and smallish inlet valves. Slotted and adjustable cams and that's the sum total of the motor work.

"The beauty of the tuning is that it leaves the motor completely unstressed. After all, the similarities between the 750 and 600 are more than skin deep, and where a finicky supers port tune would have left the 600 peaky, frantic and possibly fragile, the GSX-R67 is solid and grunty. And how grunty it is. On Bob Farnhams's dyno Steve's bike makes a massive 112bhp compared to a standard 600's 88bhp. At 8,000rpm it has got a bruising25bhp over the standard bike and at the same revs. Makes 13bhp more than a standard 750, fer-chrissakes.

 You can feel this as soon as you get on the bike and blip the throttle. Response is immediate and the exhaust note is far, far more serious than the apologetic little cough that passes for an exhaust tune on the standard  bike. Bob Farnham spent "a few hours" setting up the carbs and from 4,000rpm there's good, solid drive that hopelessly overpowers the stock 600 gearing, and Steve's bike spends half its life sat high on the back wheel.

 This is absolutely and entirely not a problem, all it means is that fuel consumption is hilarious (like, around 7.0 miles out of a tank hilarious) and you have to get used to steering the bike. out of corners all crossed up and sideways.

 The legendary GSX-R600 handling is almost intact, although a set of well-worn old Dragons slowed the steering up a bit and made the front end feel a little vague. Steve's fitted an Ohlins steering damper to snaffle up the odd errant wobble, but never mind the handling - we all know about that. The motor is what is important in this bike and it s<:,ores heavily everywhere. Steam up to your favourite section in a trackday, cock-up your entry speed and gear every which way, get back on the gas and the GSXR67 will punch you out of the corner past GSX-R750s and ZX7Rs without so much as batting an eyelid. On the road it's the difference between cogging down two and whacking it open to overtake, to just tugging the throttle to get the same response. It's one of those engine tunes that makes the bike so much better to ride and the chassis is so delectable on the GSX-R600 that it can easily cope with the extra power.

"I love smaller bikes that you really have to work at, " says Steve. "I could never have something like an R I because there is no doubt that I would kill myself in no time. I love the looks and handling of this bike, but I took it in to Bob Farnham and said, 'look, this thing's just too slow, what can you do about it?' So this is what he did. It's kinda the best of both worlds, 'cas I can either flog the tits off it and make it work for a living, or I can use the midrange when I'm feeling old and dull and need to potter about. " Just a quick peek at the dyno graphs tells the whole story about this bike. You can buy a GSX-R600 for 4,500 today. Add 1,500 for this kind of tuning work and you have a seriously quick superbike allied to one of the best rolling chassis made in the last five years. Bob Farnham's if you've got a 600 and fancy giving him a call sometime.


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